Relief: A Guide for Breastfeeding Mothers of Intolerant Babies

By Nicole Hargreaves BAppSc BA BHSc Nut Med

A clear path for breastfeeding mums to safely identify foods that might be causing their babies to react badly while still maintaining a healthy balanced diet, and starting the journey towards reintroducing those foods over time.

How can Relief Help You?

Baby Not Sleeping, not Feeding, Not Well?

This book will help you identify whether your diet might be affecting your baby, how to figure out what could be the specific cause, and provides practical steps to implement a program to find relief.

About Nicole

Nicole is a tertiary qualified clinical nutritionist, specialising in the treatment of complex disorders among children and infants.

She has treated hundreds of babies suffering from digestive, skin, feeding and other disorders, and find that core dietary components often play a role. She also firmly believes that all children can regain tolerance for all healthy foods if correctly treated.

In addition to her nutritional medicine qualifications, Nicole has further qualifications in applied science and listening/music therapy.

Down to 3 foods? You need this book.

Relief: a guide for breastfeeding mums of intolerant babies is a comprehensive guide to the most common causes of discomfort and illness in babies and toddlers. Symptoms like gassiness; mucousy, green or bloody stools; rashes and eczema; reflux and intractable crying are on the rise, and these symptoms make for an uncomfortable baby who is difficult to care for.

Many of these symptoms can be attributable to food intolerance, which is increasing in the population. The rise in caesarean section birth, the use of antibiotics, additives and agricultural chemical residues in our food supply and worsening air quality are several factors that are responsible for causing harm to our resident helpful bacteria, to our gut lining and to our immune systems. These are all critical components for food tolerance, and they are increasingly buckling under pressure. With no ability to tell us what is wrong, babies are often the ones who suffer the most, and it is our job, as caregivers, to work out why they are sick or unhappy.

Unfortunately many of the modern recommendations to help soothe babies make things worse. Reflux medications are known to worsen gut bacteria, sleep schools only add frustration and stress if baby is not sleeping because they are in pain, and changing an unsettled baby to formula feeding is often an unmitigated nightmare. Some, if not most, of the most popular recommended elimination diets have similar drawbacks. Many diets are too restrictive, starving mother, child and gut microbiome of essential nutrients. Others swap key allergens such as gluten and dairy for highly processed, nutrient-poor “non foods” filled with irritating gums, starches and extra sugar. Still others, looking for healthy alternatives, end up recommending foods that are extremely high in plant toxins that babies are not able to handle. All of them are stressful to implement, especially if you aren’t sleeping at night because your baby is crying.

This is where this guide can help you. In it, you will find 5 different elimination diets and a guide on which one is most likely to be successful for your baby. This means that you won’t be eliminating foods that are a problem for other people’s babies because it is not a one-size fits all approach.

How Does it Work?

The goal is to work out if food is indeed the problem, and to identify which foods are responsible if so. To help you with the first part of that question, you will find detailed information about non-food causes of common baby symptoms, which is important to work through in case there is another cause.

The diet component of the book is made easy for you. Each diet includes:

  • A comprehensive list of all foods to exclude
  • An extensive list of alternative foods that you may include, to be used as a shopping guide
  • A complete 7 day meal plan for each diet.

If you are completing one of the less restrictive diets, you can use any of the meal plans, giving you 4-5 weeks’ worth of food ideas right away.

The 4 major diets are nutritionally complete and balanced, with the greatest assurance if you follow the meal plan. The fifth diet is a total elimination diet and is adequate if followed for the short recommended time frame.

Most importantly, no matter which diet you choose you will be avoiding commonly eaten irritants and excesses of natural and synthetic toxins – common causes of both short and long term health problems in adults and children. Very few of the current fad diets have taken these things into account, and your health will thank you for it if you do.  In fact, Diet 1 of my book simply eliminates natural and artificial irritants – and for many babies, that’s all you need to do!

Once you have completed a period on the elimination diet this guide will show you which foods to reintroduce and in what order so that you can work out exactly which are your culprit foods. If these are healthy foods then you will want to try to reintroduce these in time, and the guide will give you a few tips to increase your chances of success.

Many of my patients have now used these diets and most see some signs of improvement within a few days. Save yourself the time and hassle of eliminating one food here and there and those crazy restricted diets where you can only eat 3 vegetables, and start yourself and baby on a sensible nutritious journey today!


The book is delivered in a downloadable PDF format. It cannot, however, be edited or printed.

The book is licenced for you and your household only (that is – the people who actually live with you). Others will need to buy their own copy.

If you have trouble understanding something in the book itself, reach out to me via the Contact Page. If you need further healthcare support you should make an appointment with your health care practitioner.

Yes. Nicole has bachelors degree qualifications in clinical nutrition, and years of practical experience working specifically with infants and children.

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