If you are looking for sound, science-based advice on hot topics, without the cost of a private appointment, our webinars may be just what you are looking for! From this page you can enrol in upcoming webinars and purchase replays as available. Please feel free to contact us if you think there’s a topic we should cover next!

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Homeschooling - why would you? (and how to make it work) (Replay)

Many parents are now considering their options when it comes to children’s education. Some are concerned about what their children are exposed to at school and others see their children experiencing school anxiety or getting left behind academically. Homeschooling is a valid option that is growing in popularity. Come and learn how homeschooling can benefit children, parents and the wider community, and just how possible it is, even with working parents. Registration is free. A contribution towards costs is appreciated.

COVID Safety

What do I do if I catch COVID? (Replay)

Find out about the latest science on nutrition and COVID-19. Get practical, research-based actions you can take to help fortify your immune system against COVID-19, and some options to support your recovery alongside medical treatment if you do catch it. Replay now available!

COVID Vaccines

What's the Deal with COVID-19 Vaccines (replay)

If there’s been a hot topic for discussion recently it’s about COVID vaccines. Join us for a tour through the scientific papers that discuss safety and effectiveness. We will also look at whether the science supports or refutes the most common controversial “myths and theories” you will have been hearing about the vaccine.  August 30 at 7:30pm AEST, or watch the replay in your own time.